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Butter has been a vital and natural part of our diet for centuries. The butters produced by Mathot-Sofra in its approved dairy are natural butters based on fresh milk from cows on the plateaux of the Belgian Ardennes. They bring to the consumer's table that taste of the knobs of butter we knew in bygone days. Their fat content is always between 80% (salted butter) and 82% (unsalted butter).
Our butters are subject to periodic checks by the DG5 (Ministry of Agriculture and Middle Classes, Animal Health Administration and Animal Product Quality) to offer a guarantee to the consumer with regard to its quality from an organoleptic and compositional point of view.
Packaging, shapes, weights
Its flexibility and its state-of-the-art installations enable Mathot-Sofra fully to satisfy the desires of its clients. Mathot-SOFRA offers a wide range of shapes, weights and packages, and can also respond to requests for personalisation.
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Flexibility of packaging : Mathot-Sofra can provide the graphics of your choice, integrate your logo, texts and necessary legal indications in the desired languages and offer two types of packaging paper:
- greaseproof papier
- aluminium foil
See the list of different butters

A multitude of shapes : in order to respond to consumer traditions which vary so much from one country to another, Mathot-Sofra offers you its products in rectangular, oval, roll or block shapes.
See the list of different butters

Choice of weights : In order to respond to the needs of end consumers and to satisfy consumer habits, which vary from country or even one region to another, Mathot-Sofra offers packaging in units of 10g, 100g, 125g, 200g, 227g, 250g, 454g, 500g, 1 kg, 5 kg.
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Transport and palletising are offered on a case-by-case basis depending upon your requirements.

With regard to the combination of packaging/shape/weight, you select the type of butter which best suits the tastes of your clients. You will then have your own butter on your shelves.

For any price request, please contact us.
Company brands, chains
Mathot-Sofra presents its butters
under OWN BRANDS or COMPANY BRANDS such as Rochefort, Floreffe, Blondel, Belle de Herve, Celles-sur-Lesse, 3 Sapins and so on, and under DISTRIBUTOR BRANDS - FOR SUPERMARKETS AND CHAIN STORES. If you are a distributor, contact Mathot-Sofra for personalisation with your own logo.

For any price request, please contact us.
Our clients
You will find butters and cheeses from the company Mathot-SOFRA at wholesalers, in fine groceries, hotels and restaurants, and catering establishments and in supermarkets and chain stores.
The company exports to neighbouring and more distant countries in the European Union, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus. Mathot-SOFRA is increasingly exporting outside Europe: Africa, America, Far and Middle-East.

For any price request, please contact us.
List of different butters
See the list of different butters

For any price request, please contact us.