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Our story

The Beurrerie Mathot-SOFRA was founded in 1948 when Arthur Mathot used to ride his bicycle through the Condruzian countryside looking for butter and eggs from farms to supply local grocery stores and bakeries. With the help of his wife Marie-Josée Hubesch, the business slowly grew.  

Thanks to “malaxage”, a kneading technique dating back to the 19th century, they worked together to develop a unique butter with a soft, velvety texture that can still be found today in our range of recipes, and which makes our butter so popular around the world.

Over the years, six of the seven children joined the team and gradually took over the development and management of the company. 

With its extensive experience of the dairy market, the second generation decided to relaunch production of Rochefort cheese, which had been abandoned by the Trappist Monks 30 years before, in new facilities just a stone’s throw away from the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy.

With around 45 employees, the butter and cheese businesses are still family-run and do not belong to any industrial group. They are 100% Belgian and independent. This means that they are an integral part of the country’s socio-economic life.

Thanks to the consistent quality of its products, its service and administrative management, its financial stability and its respect for food hygiene rules, the Mathot-SOFRA company is your number one partner when it comes to buying butter and cheese, and is doing everything it can to hold on to that position.

The entire production process is monitored constantly, from receiving the raw materials and processing the ingredients to cleaning the machines in a closed loop system, storing the finished products and finally transporting them.

To keep your customers loyal, offer them quality products!

Choose Mathot-Sofra.

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