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The taste
The cheeses produced by Mathot-SOFRA are ABBEY CHEESES.

Rochefort cheeses are manufactured according to the authentic recipes used back in the nineteenth century by the Trappist monks of Rochefort, who also brewed the famous Trappist beer of Rochefort. The Floreffe cheeses continue to use the ancestral recipes of the monks of Floreffe Abbey.

Alongside the two traditional abbey cheeses, the young Saint Paulin type cheese and the medium matured Mimolette type cheese, there are other cheeses flavoured with walnuts, basil and Ouessant seaweed. Finally, the latest in the range of Rochefort cheeses is a cream cheese with Trappist beer from Rochefort.

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The tradition
Rochefort cheeses originate from the Trappist monastery in Rochefort, where the monks have been making young and longer-matured cheeses for more than a century, although they had to cease production around 1970 through lack of manpower.

In 1999, on a request from the town of Rochefort, Mathot-SOFRA recommenced cheese production in Rochefort, taking over the authentic recipes and know-how of their predecessors.

From the young cheese, they developed other varieties by incorporating different tastes. They also added cheeses based on organic agricultural ingredients.

In May 2001, the company Mathot-SOFRA opened a new infrastructure in the Rochefort Trade and Industry Park for the manufacture of Rochefort cheeses.

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List of different cheeses
See the list of different cheeses

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